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A Gorgeous Fall Wedding

Jessi and her wonderful husband, Bob, were such a joy to photograph. I have had the pleasure of knowing this bride since she was in middle school and met my daughter. We have had many sleepovers, birthday parties and trips together. I was more than happy to be the one who was able to capture her day for her when she asked me to.

They got married on October 5 2019 and the ceremony and reception were held on her grandmother's stunning property in North Providence Rhode Island. There were hay bales and gorgeous flowers delivered, there was a pumpkin at every table with the table number carved into it and an amazing cake baked. You could see the love that was poured into this day from their families who wanted them to enjoy every second of this. Everything was perfect.

As guests starting arriving, happy to be seeing family and friends they haven't seen in some time as well as meeting new ones, I was able to get some pictures upstairs of Jessi getting ready to walk down the aisle. I loved seeing the pure joy on the faces of her mother and grandmother as they helped her situate her gown and veil. Her 5 bridesmaids who have been friends with her since childhood all so truly happy for their friend as they too, helped her put on the finishing touches. The excitement of the day to come was building as the minutes ticked by.

When the bride was ready, I came out to guests filling in those empty seats, grandparents and parents making sure everything was shortly ready to all fall into place and kick off. Kids running around laughing and enjoying the day. They could not have wished for better weather than they had. The sun was shining down so nicely behind them during the ceremony and was glistening on the water and just giving everything an extra glow. Jessi was walked down the aisle by her father and step father which was so beautiful, they each gave her a kiss on the cheek and tears started to flow from her guests. Jessi and Bob's bridesmaids and groomsmen watched the ceremony with expressions on their faces that told the world how they felt about their very good friends getting ready to spend their lives together. It was heart warming to say the least.

Here are a couple of photos before the guests arrived, I think their setup was simply gorgeous

And some of my favorites of their sweet ceremony

After the ceremony that was planned for and dreamed about for months and the signing of the marriage certificate was complete, it was time to round up this bride and grooms BIG families for photos. It was fun, it was crazy and I got the most beautiful pictures of how much love is all around them both. The bridal party was a blast during this time and the Groom and his men, well, lets just say boys will be boys and it shows in their super fun photos. They will always be able to crack a big smile looking back on this day years from now. I love being behind the camera and making my clients comfortable enough to act as if I wasn't there. Here are some of these photos

How cool are these guys!!

The Bride's Mom, stepdad and youngest siblings

All of these photos were special, but one sticks out to me most, and I will most likely never forget the emotions it gave everyone watching. Jessi has a twin sister and as siblings (especially twins) you'll witness a lot of disagreeing and butting heads along with every other emotion under the sun. I had them get together for a photo and her twin looked at her with tears in her eyes and told her how much she loved her. I was so happy I was able to capture this moment for them as I know it was very special.

Once we were done with our photos we met the rest of the guests at the reception spot, so amazingly set up with a tent that covered all of the beautifully decorated tables. The kids were already going to town on the dance floor nearby as the DJ played music they were clearly fond of. Their guests had a blast dancing and Jessi and Bob's first dance was so sweet. You can feel the love from their families as they all watched, took pictures and recorded the dance.

The sunny day soon turned into the perfect, chilly fall night. The heaters were going inside the tent and fleece blankets were also being brought out. The Keurig was brewing cup after cup of fall flavored coffees while the bride and groom danced and mingled. The tone of the night was just magical.

Of course he chased her off with the frosting!! Did you expect anything else. I wish nothing but a lifetime of health and happiness for this beautiful couple. I hope they laugh a lot, talk about their problems and be each other's biggest fans. Congratulations again Jessi and Bob

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