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A Trip to the Farm

What's better when the air is crisp and the leaves are changing colors than a visit to a local farm. For my family, it's always been Adam's Farm in Cumberland. It's such a wonderful, family owned farm that submerges you into the magic of a perfect fall day. You can smell the fresh popcorn and let it warm your hands as you eat it, and oh, the candy apples. The beautiful mums and the sweet cows. For me, it was a no brainer, that I wanted to hold some pumpkin farm mini sessions here this year. The natural background with the pumpkins, the corn maize, the tractor and the animals were going to make the perfect photos. All of the little ones that came with their moms and dads for sessions this year were so excited to be there. They absolutely loved sitting with the pumpkins, climbing on the hay and twirling around showing me how they dance. Nothing brings me more joy than when I get the little ones i'm photographing to laugh and play and show their true selves that shine in their photos. I truly do think that being at the farm and being surrounded by such beauty played a big role for providing my little customers some extra happiness. Even 5 year olds appreciate the weather and the seasons changing. We had the sun shining down on us the entire time that day and the temperature was cool enough that it just made for the perfect feel. Here are some of my favorites of the day. I do love outdoor sessions so much and look forward to the Christmas Tree Farm Minis coming up very soon at the gorgeous Butterfly Farm in Lincoln.

I hope you enjoyed some of what i've been busy doing this fall. Make sure to check out both of my fall wedding blogs as well. One is up and one will be coming out next week. I've been busy getting all of their photos edited and galleries sent off before the rush of the Holiday Sessions begin. This is my busiest time of year and I absolutely love it. My daughters are all teenagers now, but I will never forget all of the years I dressed them up and washed the peanut butter off their little faces to take photos to put on my Holiday greeting cards that always went out without fail. Now I think that back to those days every time I have a stressed out mom in front of me, whose 1 year old refuses to stop crying because i'm a stranger, I can very calmly tell her, that this is all ok and one day these will be your fondest memories and you would do anything for just one more go at it. So deep breaths and let me help! If you're enjoying my work, I'll gladly put a smile on your babies' faces for that Christmas Card this year.

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