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An evolving business model

My passion to photograph the beauty that is your babies keeps me imagining new things. New things for my business as it grows but mainly new ideas for your family. I want to give my clients something concrete to leave me with. Something to cherish and treasure forever.

I’m talking about wall art that hangs over your couch, bed or in your hallway. Gallery wraps, beautiful framed prints that fill your walls and gorgeous albums that sit on your end tables to be thumbed through whenever you’re feeling nostalgic. Digital images are great to have these days, that’s a no brainer, but what do we do with them? Well, we share them around on social media platforms for all of our friends and family to ohhh and ahhh over them. Every time we get another notification that someone loved or commented on our post, we see those beautiful pictures again, the smiles on the faces of our babes or the sweet precious smirk of our perfect little newborns. It makes us happy, we love them.…it’s short lived though and as the next 24-48 hours goes on those photos are no longer flooding your friends news feeds and they’re getting lost in the shuffle as all posts do as they eventually lose steam. You’ll most likely use your favorite one as your profile picture for a few months and then change it as baby starts rolling over or walking.

Now I really want you to think about how happy those little online files make you feel? Happy, elated, like you have something wonderful? Of course. Then why do we let them fizzle out. These memories of our children's first year are amazing as they signify the most growth in such a short time span they will ever have. You don’t want to look back in your facebook memories next year and say “aww I remember these pictures.“ Think about how happy a big piece of art hanging on your wall with your baby smiling down would make you. I say very. Those first 12 months of their lives are full of so much. Smiling, belly-laughing, sitting up on their own and picking carrots off their tray with those little fingers. It doesn’t matter how old your child gets, when he’s 5 or 15, those heirloom photographs, hung so beautifully, will never be replaced, they will never get old or go out of style. That art was the very beginning of their lives and the love that you've poured into them radiates from the pieces you’ll have hung.

I offer beautifully crafted frames in any size and I will be collecting samples so you will be able to touch them and see for yourself. I can match your current decor as well. I have a frame for every style home. If my gallery wraps are what you are after, they are hand crafted and make a gorgeous statement piece. Your image wraps around the sides which can be 1.5 or 2.5 inches thick. The finish is very durable and there are options for a laminate to protect them from scuffs, scratches and UV light. I have plenty in my studio to check out and I’ve also gifted these to my family members. The quality is outstanding. They have excellent wood bars and wire hangers behind making mounting super easy. Albums will be another focus as these can contain many of your favorite images. We have different materials including leather, fabric, and hard or soft cover. You can have an image on the cover or just leave it blank to showcase the gorgeous material. Your paper can be changed to smooth matte if you prefer that also. You can even order an album box to keep it safely tucked in. When placing an order for an album I will sit down with you and go over all of your options depending on the style you’re after, leaving you with exactly what you want.

So with all of this talk on why digital images are awesome but not the only way you want to go, I will be moving into a “boutique model” where you will get us back in the mobile studio for your reveal and ordering appointment instead of just getting a bunch of digital images in a virtual gallery. I will help you choose which photos you’d like to have hung and what sizes would be best. I have an ordering program where I can get a picture of your living room and show you what each size would look like on your walls! Amazing right? You will also get digital images for your social media of course. I would never deny my clients that in this very digital world, but my main focus will be shifting from them to heirloom images and products. I plan to fully make the switch in the new year, 2023. I will always offer mini sessions with digital packages especially around the holidays. Let’s face it your little tot with Santa is going to be beautiful but you don’t want it as a 30x40 over your couch all year, giving your family a different meaning on “Santa’s watching all year long” haha.

I like to compare prints and digitals like this. They are both great to have. But prints will always be there. Prints can be passed down and showed to future generations. Ya know how we can look back at all of our printed pictures from when we were kids and we can actually hold those physical memories in our hand. There’s a different feeling of love there, there truly is. My oldest is 23, and I have so many pictures printed of her and her sisters until they were about 10,8 and 6. Everything after that was all on a phone somewhere. they’ll pop up in my facebook memories but my girls have such a love for those photographs that are in a bin and can be gone through and held. They’ll never get deleted, or end up on a missing phone. We will have these forever. Give this to your kiddos but put them in a gorgeous album or let’s blow them up really big! We’ll work together to achieve the best products for you and your family. Over the next 6 months I will be slowly transitioning, so if anyone has any questions please feel free to reach out.

I hope everyone’s enjoying their hot July! Stay cool and stay safe

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