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Beautiful babies, human and not.

I have had quite a few newborns session this past month and I couldn’t be any happier. Photographing these precious new miracles is my absolute dream and I am still in awe every day over the fact that I get to do this in my very own studio. It makes me so happy to share these special moments with all of the families out there that become like friends. This is a sneak peek to a session i’ll be finishing up tonight and posting more on my facebook page later, so if mom and dad see this here before they get the email with their gallery, here’s a peek at what’s to come over soon!

I’m currently sitting in my kayak on Echo Lake while my husband fishes from his. I usually float around nearby and read my book until I look up and see we’ve drifted far apart and then i’ll make my way a bit closer. I always need to be within picture range because he gets very excited and needs my camera to be ready in case he reels in a large bass. It’s a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and there’s a slight breeze making it not feel too warm. I figured this was the perfect time to put up a blog post as Ive been super busy with our grand opening week, editing and vacationing. Im watching families on their docks having cookouts, kids being pulled around by speedboats and dogs hanging out on pontoons. This is our go to spot for kayaking. We love the atmosphere and the gorgeous views. I am quietly floating by a Herron and some baby ducks right now. They’re so peaceful and lovely. The Herron is a gorgeous bird, I just watched him walk away through the woods. These ducks seem to be like big kids, maybe not quite babies anymore. Splashing around and jumping in and out of the water, babies are special no matter the species

We did some thing a bit different today as well. We’ve always wanted to kayak over to where the old campground is to check it out and see what it looks like. We know RI DEM took it over and is saying that they’re going to renovate but as of right now it still stands abandoned and if you know me at all, well, I love old and I love abandoned and historical. To stand in there and see old electrical boxes and wood signs showing site numbers is so exhilarating to me. I can literally see in my mind what used to be. Tents and campers set up with fires roaring in the pits. Kids running up and down the dirt paths and playing ball or jumping off the docks, that now bounce up and down in the water, decaying and slowly falling apart. We saw a rock with a family name painted on it, I wonder how many great memories they have from this very place we stand in that is now nothing but overgrown and broken.

It was quite the paddle to get over there from where we get in at the boat dock but I just had to see it and it was totally worth my very sore arms right now. I wish I was had camped here before it closed down but now can just hope it’ll open again one day. I have mixed feelings about Echo lake as my husband fished here as a child growing up. He would stay with his best friends grandparents in the summer time and they loved it. It holds a special place in his heart. On the other, for one of my family members this place holds deep hurt from a horrible tragedy that occurred many years ago. I won’t go into that of course but figured it was worth the mention. Life is precious and tomorrow isnt always promised. Live your life and be happy.

We always say hi and meet other nice kayakers and boaters here too, although we are hearing there just doesn’t seem to be much for bass here anymore, soooo we maybe on to other lakes soon as far as fishing goes, there is a couple up near the campground we go to in CT that we’d like to check out.

There‘s a little historical area coming through Chepachet right down the street and there is two antique shops with furniture, baskets, and so many treasures that I really want to get my hands on for photo session props, they’re gorgeous, I think put next ride up to the lake will include some shopping. I’m really into the vintage look for little chairs and stools.

As far as all of my baby sessions lately, this past month also brought me my first twin newborn session. I was so thrilled to be chosen to take their photos. They were as precious as could be and Dad kept saying I couldn’t imagine you being able to keep the two of them from crying and pose them for photos, he was so happy with how the session went. I love babies, I believe they are the best gift anyone could ever receive and I take my time, I shush and rock and comfort. Above all else I make sure the baby is content. I will never try for poses that the baby does not want to get into. Some hate being put on their sides or bellies. There are other poses we can get while keeping them happy. I want mom and dad to leave knowing their baby is happy and their photos are going to be fantastic.

When my clients tell me how wonderful I was with their baby, their most precious position, it literally means the world to me. I know as a new mom how it feels to watch someone hold your baby “wrong”, feed them “wrong”, bounce them, just not the way you do it, it can emotional, especially for first time mamas, so the fact that my new moms and dads rave about how I handle their babies is the biggest compliment I could ever receive.

I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet little girl, who slept through her whole session too. I went to school with her mama up until 8th grade. It’s amazing to think back on being that age and not having a clue in the world I would be take photos of her first baby girl

So that’s just a bit of what i’ve been up to in the photography world and the world in general! Stay tuned for some more baby photos to be put up on facebook! I took a new editing course and am more than thrilled at where that is taking me.

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