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Can I benefit from a Doula if I'm having a c-section?

Whether you know you are going in for a planned cesarean or if you end up having one that is unplanned, a doula can be a great person to have by your side. Let me tell you a bit about what that could look like.

During pregnancy I provide continuous support from the time we sign our contract right into your postpartum weeks. I am available for text or phone calls when you need reassurance or you’re just concerned about how something may be going. We would go over birth planning and preparation and talk about what you can expect during your c-section. We will also talk about your preferences for baby right after birth and make sure your doctor/midwife/nurses know if your child is getting a bath, the vitamin k shot, the hep b vaccine or the eye ointment. Maybe you're even thinking you'd like to be able to listen to some calming music during the procedure. We will go over everything that will make baby's birth day as special and anxiety free as possible. Empowering you to advocate for yourself and baby while you're at the hospital is what I aim to do. I want you to go in knowing exactly what to expect and what your stay at the hospital and your recovery at home will look like.

When it comes time for your c-section I provide emotional support and reassurance throughout the entire process. Helping you feel calm and relaxed is my main goal as you get ready to meet your baby. I am also here for your partner if they have any concerns during this time. Doulas are allowed into the OR in most situations and I will be right by your side. Some of my clients like to have pictures taken when baby is born and if that is something you are looking forward to, I am more than happy to get some sweet shots as your little person comes into the world. I will stay with you after the birth until you are settled and ready to get some rest and bonding time in with just your baby and partner.

Once you are home, we will have our postpartum visits together where I can help with household tasks, meal prep, or by holding baby for you to be able to get some rest or take a shower and relax. Being catered to during these 6-8 weeks after childbirth is very important for your body and for your mind. Hormones have dropped dramatically and you're trying to adjust to this new life while recovering physically.

No matter what way a baby enters the world, you have just created, housed and nourished a human being for 9 months as their brains, lungs and body systems developed. How amazing is that!!You are an absolute rock star and now is your time to enjoy your son or daughter and also take care to put yourself at the top of your list as well. A postpartum doula can be very helpful during this time and can provide some set days and hours to be available to you so you can be catered to, have things taken care of around the house and even entertain older siblings if the new baby is not your first child. There are many things to think about and plan for when preparing for a c-section and a doula can help you do just that!

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