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Happy New Year 2022

I've been wanting to get a post up to start 2022 off right as I've had so many changes and a lot of growth in 2021. If you asked me 12 months ago if I had any idea what I would have accomplished this year I would say, "not a clue."

2021 started off with the planning of our big family Disney trip. I hadn't been since 2009 and wanted to take all of the girls down there together before they got much older and were all busy with their own lives and schedules. Everything else kind of took a back seat over my excitement for all of the vacation planning. When we got back at the end of March we kind of got right into business mode (after some post trip letdown of course lol, can't escape that) We decided that in order for me to really plan my sessions and control my setups I needed some studio space. We ran through many different options before we were set on purchasing this trailer and transforming it. That started the project of a lifetime. We drove to PA to purchase it and drove it home on what was most likely the windiest day of the year, but we made it. Randy made it rather.... I was in the passenger seat building him up and cheering him on, we figured if he could tow our 32 foot camper this should be a walk in the park. It was not, but he was more than capable. Our adventures are never dull I'll say that. I hadn't realized the opportunity this studio was going to bring until it was all finished and ready to hit the road. The families I had in and out of there all year were always amazed at what had been done. Everyone says, "wow, I wasn't expecting this from looking at it from the outside."

I love how when I'm in the middle of baby's photo session and mom or dad need something they can simply go inside their home and get it or use their own bathroom. There's no worry about forgetting anything or what the weather is like because you're home and at the same time getting a great studio experience.

We just started transforming one of the rooms in our house that goes to out to our back yard as our photography props and backdrop storage space. Pictures to follow when that's finished. I will go over props and wraps with clients beforehand and that is what the studio will be filled with the day of their session, leaving the rest stored elsewhere for ample space and comfort inside the studio. I've started collecting books and toys for little ones while they wait or just simply need to take a little break. Big brothers and sisters need to keep occupied while I photograph baby as well. I am going to have my mom make up a cute little rug to throw down for them to play on. She crochets "rag rugs" they are called. I want to make this situation enjoyable and stress free for our new mamas.

I have been focusing on learning and expanding my editing and posing skills while we're in this post Christmas "down time" as well as organizing my desk and files. I have a brand new client binder and method going on that I'm super thrilled with. My calendar is already in the works of filling up and I'm so happy about that. I thank all of my clients, family and friends who receive my services and spread the word as we all know nothing speaks louder than word of mouth. I've been doing a lot of work on my website too as I want everyone that comes to visit be able to get a look into my work of course, but also who I am and how I love to work with families and especially newborns and little ones in their first few years of life. To me, this is such a special time that goes by all too quickly and what we do to preserve these memories now will be what keeps them alive for many years to come.

Coming into 2022, I also want to mention something that I have talked about before. Covid is clearly still very much a part of our lives and I did choose to get vaccinated because I work so closely with people and I have Asthma. I always clean and sanitize the studio after every use and open up the door to clear out the air as well. I encourage all of my clients to reach out to me for a reschedule if they are feeling sick. On top of cleaning on my end I will also reach out to any clients with upcoming appointments if I am not feeling well. I will always wear a mask if requested and I will ask up front what my client feels comfortable with. I don't want anyone to miss this beautiful time frame for a newborn session a or 1st birthday that they will never get back if we sit and wait for covid to pass. So if anyone is hesitant with their brand new baby, because I know I sure would be, I want you to know that if you'd like a session with me I am taking any and all precautions I possibly can to keep your family safe as well as myself.

Now on to something else that's exciting for the year coming up. We are the proud new owners of a campsite at my absolute favorite place in the world, Strawberry Park resort in Preston CT. With that being said, we will be spending some time in CT and I'll be looking into farms and beautiful parks up there now as well. Preston is about a 50 minute drive from where I am in Johnston so not too far away. I will be advertising up there as well for the spring, summer and fall months and I think I'll be able to find some gorgeous locations for those sunset, outdoor family sessions. An always exciting event which is in RI, but closer to CT is The Wicked Tulips Farm offering their U Pick Tulip event this spring. They used to be in Johnston but moved to a bigger location in Exeter. I'll be advertising for that when the time gets a bit closer and I have more details but it is normally the end of April into early May. It's all weather and Tulip dependent. This event will not disappoint, it is such a gorgeous sight.

So I hope everyone is off to a fantastic year, and whether you made New Year's resolutions or you've been working on yourself for a while, keep it up and it'll all pay off. I've been listening to Mel Robbins, she's amazing, try her out if you need some encouragement in your life.

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