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Happy Spring

I hope everyone is starting to feel excited about beautiful weather being right around the corner. I have been very busy lately with Easter mini sessions and 1st birthdays. These babies love cake smashes as well as their moms and dads. Once they realize they can get their chubby little hands in there and have at it they are in all their glory. In the mobile studio we have been doing some work on the inside and switching out our lighting system as well as beginning to make a little “closet” so my newborn and toddler outfits can be on display. We have a new window that opens for fresh air on these nice days and lots of new Spring colors for baby props and backdrops.

I have been taking Newborn posing, editing and safety classes to keep my knowledge constantly expanding. While working with your new baby or toddler I want you to feel completely at ease, comfortable and relaxed. As new moms you’re handing your baby to me and it is most likely the first time you’re handing him/her to someone who isn’t family or a doctor. I want you know that safety is my absolute main priority on top of anything else. Next of course comes getting you the beautiful images you’ve come to me for.

I will be doing my first 2 outdoor sessions of 2022 coming up both in the next couple of weeks. It’s finally that time and I couldn’t be more excited, although my allergies tell me otherwise and i’m sure many can relate. My Tulip Farm sessions in Exeter RI sold out so quickly, I was thrilled. It’s going to be a lovely day at Wicked Tulips with some gorgeous photographs to come. My day there is Saturday 4/30. If I end up with clients wanting a week afternoon/night I will see if I can secure another day.

Keep an eye on my facebook and Instagram page as I have many sessions to edit and coming up that’ll i’ll be posting. I’m loving all of the bright colors and bow ties the little boys are wearing and the pretty dresses on the little princesses.

I hope all of my readers have a nice week! This weekend coming up I have another Easter session and a 1st bday that will be baseball themed and I cannot wait for that. I also have a Dad coming in that shares a birthday with his 3 year old son.

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