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Our Mobile Studio! Travel Day!

Friday was the big day! The day we talked about for a while, just wasn't exactly sure what it was going to look like. I have always wanted studio space since I started taking photos in 2017. My clients love how I come to them ,so a big part of me still wanted to offer that. I want to stand out, I want to be different, and most of all I want to make my clients happy. My husband and I ran so many ideas and thoughts through our minds over the last few months. An addition on the house? The purchasing of another house that could also be commercial property? Renting studio space? Just taking off and going to Disney World? .... oh yes, seriously, we did do that. Sometimes you just need a great vacation. We rented a big transit van for all 7 of us and drove down to Daytona beach and then to Orlando. Disney was so much fun, masks and all. Here are a few pictures because, well who doesn't like vacation photos. We certainly had a great time and did things we never imagined doing like, riding in a helicopter.

My wonderful mother is our pet babysitter for our excursions. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats and boy do I always feel so guilty leaving them, but they love their Grammy and were of course more than fine. Anyway, back home 10 days later and in the land of reality we started our brainstorming again in full force. Why would we stop offering what the clients want by taking away the ideal situation of coming to them. Why on earth would we want to nix that convenience? We don't!! So, it was settled, we are going to make a mobile studio. We will have the best of both worlds. We'll be able to pull up to our client's homes with our fully equipped studio. There, it's settled. But what would make the best studio on wheels. hmmm, a camper? meh, we already have one of those and that would be a lot of work to buy another one and pull all of the furniture and appliances out of it. A shuttle bus? Yes, lets buy a shuttle bus, we can pull the seats out, lay down some flooring and put up some nice panels for walls. Excellent.... or not so much. Once we started the search and test drove a few, we realized that unless we purchased a 24 foot bus , which we did not want to do for many reasons, we were not going to get the space we were looking for. Scratch that. Then we figured it out. An enlcosed trailer, 16 feet long, 7 feet high and wide. Brand new, shiny and fresh with a clean slate inside. A blank canvas where my very creative and crafty husband can work his magic and turn it into a beautiful little studio. So for the week leading up to last Friday we looked around online and called around, looked online some more, called different dealerships, called the same dealerships back again, haha. We were on a mission. Apparently these are a hot commodity, who knew, and they were sold out everywhere near home. Within hours of these lots getting them in they would sell like hot cakes. Then...we found one. ONE. It was in Pennsylvania and they would put a 24 hour courtesy hold on it for us. Deal, we'll be on our way in the morning. "Google that babe, what time do we have to leave?" Well, it was 5 hours away and because we had just drove 19 house to Florida and back we knew we had this.

In the week leading up to this purchase we thought everything out to make sure this was going work out the way we saw it in our minds. Can we heat it? Check. Can we get an AC installed? Check. Flooring, ceiling, walls, lighting? Check. Insurance and registration? Check. Everything pointed to a go, so we took a day trip to pick up our gorgeous new mobile studio.

We woke up and hit the road about 7:30. We took the scenic route through Connecticut and New York and got some nice pictures and saw so many beautiful farms and barns that I would just die to have a photo session at on a weekly basis. I love when land just stretches for miles and miles with no end in sight, and I also love highway signs, not sure if I'm weird for that.

I ended up with a headache a few hours in so we got off the highway when we got into PA in search of a pharmacy. Little side note about me, I cannot swallow pills... I know, I know, it sounds silly but it does not matter how dumb it even seems to me. I've tried before and said, just suck it up Pam, but it backfired on me, we won't get into that. Anyway, this quant little town, which was Milford, was so gorgeous. I mean even the Walgreens building had such character. The street and restaurant on the side of the store was the most charming thing I've seen all week. We took a couple of pictures like the tourists and photographers we are and then got on the road with Tylenol and Coca-cola in hand.

After feeling much better by the time we were pulling into Taylor PA, where our studio on wheels awaited us, I was feeling very excited. Like a kid getting a new toy. We pulled in the lot and I kept telling my husband, "oh drive over there I think that's it, or maybe that one over there go that way" He humored me for a minute and then told me we were going inside so they could actually just pull ours up for us. I guess that works too. We were chatting with a couple while we waited who laughed after finding out we had a 5 hour drive and they felt that their hour and a half ride was rough. Once our trailer was pulled up, we inspected that sucker and got it all hooked up and ready to roll.

Like I said, excited kids in a toy store. I honestly think everyone was probably wondering why we were this overly excited about an empty trailer. I mean yea, we were taking pictures in it. haha. Oh, I'm lucky I don't worry about looking like a goof. Little do they know this empty pod is getting a transformation in a very big way. The ride home was a little rough because of the wind and the high trailer, I also fell asleep a few times. Randy took a picture of me in action, but I refuse to post that. He takes sleeping pictures of me any chance he gets. When I'm tired I can literally fall asleep anywhere, sitting up, reading, phone in hand etc, you name it. So as you can imagine, he gets some good photos...anyway, there's that.

When we got home, the next few days were full. Randy and my dad, who always helps with projects, finished the side of our driveway that our mobile studio will be parked in. It now looks gorgeous, so we can finally get to more exciting things, like beginning our transformation to a full mobile business. We are perfecting the plans for inside the studio before the renovation begins. We picked out a beautiful floor the other day. I will write another blog post with photos of the transformation from beginning to end when it's finished.

We know what we will be offering is very unique. We've done a lot of research and even when it came to registering the business with the town, they were very intrigued and even want us to bring cards back when we're up and running. We absolutely will. I'm working on some new marketing material now, and even a business name change. We'll announce that soon too.

What my clients can expect when booking a photo session is first off, a phone call, to discuss exactly what it is they're hoping to capture. I will continue to offer outdoor family sessions along with our "In the mobile studio" sessions. Depending on what your hopes are we will plan accordingly. I will go over some examples of the products I offer and pricing. From there we will pick a date for your photo session. I will help you coordinate outfits and even props if its a studio session, as well as help you prepare for the day of the session with tips and tricks, especially for the little ones. On the day of the session we will pull up in our beautiful studio, which will be a calm, sweet space for you to come into and just relax and have fun. My assistant Lizzy loves children and will help with giggles and smiles. We were actually just talking about buying her some cute puppets. Some littles are very uncomfortable with the unknown so we will take our time and let them get relaxed and get to know us a little bit. We'll play their favorite music, blow bubbles, and play some little games while we're capturing real smiles. As your session wraps up we will set a date to come back for our viewing/ordering appointment. I will go through your beautifully edited photos with you and help you make your choices. If wall art, prints or albums are purchased I will personally deliver them to you a few weeks after this appointment.

I want you and your family to have a memorable time. Its more of an experience that I would like you to cherish for many years to come when you look at your photos hanging on the wall or in their gorgeous frames on your end table.

So this is how our Mobile Studio is coming about. We should be up and running very soon and will be letting everyone know when sessions can start being booked. In the meantime I am of course still booking outdoor family sessions as this weather is finally looking up.

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28 avr. 2021

Awesome write up! I can’t wait to see transformation work begin! Good Luck on your new adventure 😃🥰 Mama!!

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