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Scheduling your baby’s first photo session!

You want to document everything about your new baby but where do you start! You’ll want to start researching newborn photographers in your area as soon as you know you’d like to have his/her photos done. With about 2 weeks old being the best time to capture your new baby you’ll want to have this set up well in advance of your due date, as we know there is so much to do as the time gets closer. I recommend booking in your third trimester. What I do is tentatively schedule your session for 12-14 days after your planned due date. I always leave room in my schedule to move things around, because as we know, babies make their appearance when they’re well and ready. When baby is born the date can be shifted if need be.

Pregnancy is such an exciting time and once you start getting baby’s nursery ready and picking out their little outfits it all starts becoming so real. You are about to meet the little human you have been growing and nurturing for months. When you start thinking about photos, keep in mind what your plans for these beautiful photographs will be. Do you want a canvas for the wall of baby’s room or out in the living room?. It so, what is your coloring and decor like in those rooms. I can help you coordinate colors so that your new little one’s portraits will look timeless and go beautifully in your home. Are you thinking of one of my gorgeous albums to be able to show off many different photos and have something that will last a lifetime? We will talk about all of this and we will discuss styles and props as well as everything you can expect as we come to you in our mobile studio and that in itself is a very unique experience.

Our mobile studio was literally created for babies. It’s always toasty warm and we have just put in some very comfortable chairs for our new parents that we know could use some time to relax while baby is taken care of. I like to let my new moms and dads know that once baby is fed and changed I will take over and they can sit back, bring a coffee or tea in with them, a magazine, etc and enjoy watching the session. It’s always joyful watching your baby in our cute little outfits and wraps. I also don’t mind pictures being taken behind the scenes. I love when moms post and tag me in them as well. . A photo of our very comfy new chairs

Once you’re all booked and style has been determined you don’t have to worry about a thing. I always want my clients to feel free to reach out to me at any time leading up to their session with any questions at all that may come up. Once your baby is here those first couple of weeks will be about bonding and healing. Sleep is hard to come by but you know you need to rest at every chance you get. Your body is working hard to recover and baby is learning what it’s like to live in this world. I don’t want my new parents to worry about anything when it comes to that 2 week mark and it’s almost time for photos. I have a lot of moms tell me they’ve been stressing out about baby crying or not wanting to be put down for pictures. Don’t let that be a worry in your mind. I am patient, gentle and calm and will be guided by baby on what he/she is ready for. Patience is key when it comes to giving them time to get comfortable and fall into that nice deep sleep. If baby is awake but settled we will start with some photos of their sweet little eyes open.

Your baby has come into the world from a very warm, quiet place where he has been curled up, listening to his mamas heartbeat for months. In the studio I make my little ones as comfortable as possible with warm temps, some white noise or light music and swaddled up until they’re just so cozy they doze right off. A nice snuggly, wrapped baby feels safe, warm and will almost always relax.

I want my new parents to look forward to our day together. There‘s no stress of forgetting anything with us coming to you in our studio. You are right in your own driveway or out front and can run in anytime to use your restroom, grab a pacifier or yourself a drink and a snack. I stock my studio with diapers and wipes so no need to bring those out if you’re ok with Huggies or pampers. I have outlets available if your phone needs to be charged and books for siblings and some small toys. Newborn sessions can easily last about 2 hours sometimes even a bit longer if baby needs a feed and changing in between, so always prepare for that. I always advise not scheduling anything else that morning or afternoon as you don‘t want to have to worry about time and making it somewhere else. Remember, we are going for a no stress, enjoyable time for mama and baby. If you’re doing mom/dad and or sibling shots after baby is done it’s usually a lot easier on mom and dad if there’s someone inside to keep big brother or sister busy until it’s their turn to get in with their new sibling. The under 5 crowd will bore quite quickly and be ready to get out of there before it’s even his turn.

I also always have my assistant with me, who is my daughter, Lizzy. With safety being of utmost importance she is my extra pair of hands while i’m posing and positioning baby.

After photos are complete I will let you know when to expect your gallery, which you will be able to view all photos and download any digital images that come with your gallery from. If a canvas, framed portrait or album is purchased I will order that as well at that point from the photos chosen for it. Seeing your baby’s photos, especially in wall art is such a wonderful, happy feeling. These purchases will be treasured forever and I promise they will always put a smile on your face. As children age and see their portraits hung on the walls it makes them so proud and happy as well.

I hope I gave you some better insight as to what booking and having a newborn photo session will be like and I am always more than happy to answer any questions anyone may have.

Thanks for reading and come follow me on my Blooming Budds Photography Chat as well as my Blooming Budds facebook page.

Link to my chat group. I post videos and behind the scenes goodies here!

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