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Spring babies and birthdays

When your baby is born they instantaneously become the world. You do everything to keep them safe and well, from making sure they’re eating enough to watching them breathe while they sleep. Germs are to be kept out and strangers peaking in their carriers to say hi are certainly not welcome. You want them comfortable and warm, but not too warm and which diapers are the best ones for their delicate skin? Does anyone have the right answer for this…

With everything you have to worry about i’m sure when you think of wanting a newborn photo session, or even a 1st birthday cake smash, for your baby a lot of things pop into your head. You must wonder, “what about germs in the studio” and “I don’t let anyone hold my baby besides our immediate family, who is this photographer i’m just handing her over to”

You can be rest assured that I take my job very seriously. When I say “my job” I mean my passion, my art and my responsibility to keep your baby safe. I continually take courses to provide my families with the best experience they can receive. The studio is cleaned down, vacuumed and swept after every session. Toys, books and props that were used are also cleaned. Blankets and outfits get washed and the chairs my moms and dads wait in get wiped down too. So as far as coming in and worrying about anything, I’ve got you covered!

The first year of your baby’s life is so full of surprises and fun isn’t it? They change so much from week to week and once they are a few months old they don’t even look like the same baby you brought home from the hospital. They’re growing so fast and doing new things every day. The noises they start making are soon followed by their first little giggle and by the end of that day you have 13 videos trying to replicate what just happened so you can show the world. As this first year flies on by don‘t forget to take pictures. Not just snaps on your cell phone. Professional photographs that can be framed or made on a beautiful canvas for you to hang on your wall or over baby’s crib. If you’re not sure what wall art would look like in your home, send me a photo of the room and I can show what different sizes and styles would look like. Having your children‘s smiles so big on your walls as they grow gives such a heartwarming feeling every time you walk into the room, When you have company, when your kids look up and see how much they’re loved. It’s a beautiful thing, art, it’s simply beautiful.

As a newborn and 1st year photographer, I love to let moms know that “Sitter sessions” are also amazing and I find usually the best. What is a sitter session? Well, it’s when baby is about 6-8 months old and has just started sitting up unassisted. At this age, their unease over strangers hasn’t much set in like it will when they’re about 1. They’re so happy and that milestone of sitting upright is so big. They’ve just opened up a whole new world for themselves and it should absolutely be celebrated. Your baby will never change as much in a 12 month period again as they do this 1st year of life, so let me help you preserve and treasure it

of what comes between that 2 week old newborn session and their 1st birthday I will also be offering a very special service. Birth photography will be a service offered after July. I will have an album to show my interested new families so they will know what to expect. If it’s something you’re excited about, this will be amazing because I am so so excited to start this journey and provide my new mamas with photographs they would never otherwise have. Sure your partner will be able to snap some when baby is here but he is up there supporting you, helping you breathe. Let me capture these once in a lifetime moments with him in it. Let me capture the room as it was, all of the tiny little things that you will very soon forget about once bringing baby home, like your room number, your view out the window, the monitors. Let me help you remember baby’s birth day in a very special way whether you are having a home birth or hospital (rules permitting of course with covid)

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