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This week i’m holding some Goddard Park “mini summer sessions”. Getting ready for this heat wave coming so hoping by 6:30 Thursday night it'll have simmered down some. I’m excited for these sessions as I enjoy meeting different families and kiddos. We’ll get some pretty beach shots as well as some photos on a charming bridge. With summer almost over, let’s make the best of what’s left. Pretty soon the kids will be back to school…whatever that may look like and the sun won’t set so late, no more night swims or outdoor movies until next year so make the memories now. Get your fires lit, pitch a tent and toast up some s’mores!

I think I will make “mini sessions” occur a couple of times throughout the year as a way for some of my families to get some great photos without setting up a full session. I’m already thinking about details for Fall seeing how it really isn’t too far away is it?

In the studio i’m waiting for my next newborn session with my brand new lens purchased specifically for them. I will be able to capture even more detailed shots now and i’m thrilled. I started purchasing some books for babies and little ones too. I just placed another order, this time with Usborne Books through a friend’s online party. I love reading and have a room full of books at home so why wouldn’t my studio be full of them too! We hung our new newborn canvases on the wall the other day too, and that completes our empty space for now.

An adorable changing table at moms and dads heights is now in and ready to go too. I knew this was vital as I know kneeling or bending over to change baby on your way out is not comfortable. I want to make sure everything I provide adds to your wonderful experience with me.

I’m finishing up this blog post on my deck with some coca cola at midnight. I couldn’t sleep and felt like coming out here and listening to the crickets. I enjoy humid nights. My husband loves the house set to arctic, I swear that’s a setting on my thermostat, so it feels good to come sit out here too.

I’ll post some photos on my facebook page of some of my families from our fun summer photo night coming up. Thinking it’ll be a Del‘s lemonade celebration as well as long as that truck is parked there again.

Stay cool and safe this week my friends, that heat index is going to be no joke. Thanks for reading!

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