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Tip Toe-ing through the tulips

We had another successful year at Wicked Tulips Farm in Exeter! This year I also had the pleasure of photographing at their Preston CT location as well. I think this location was even more beautiful. Only one of my days had to be rescheduled for yucky weather so all in all, not bad. We ended up with nice days on the farms. I met new families and got to photograph returning clients. I was very excited to photograph 2 babies that were 6 months old. I did both of their newborn sessions in early December. I absolutely love watching them grow through pictures that I take for their wonderful families. Each of these little ones have siblings as well, so at this point I get to see them interacting with big brothers and sisters and they always love them so much. The older siblings are the ones who can get the big smiles for the photographs. Their interactions are so special.

For anyone who has never been to this farm, once you buy your tickets online, you are in good hands. The staff members are so fantastic. Everyone is always pleasant and helpful from the parking attendants to the women running the check in booth. Your tickets include being able to pick 10 tulips each as well, so I get to watch my little clients look for the perfect tulip to pick and let me tell you it’s very cute to see what they think are the best ones. It’s like they see one and it’s just got to be theirs. You get cute little baskets to borrow to put your tulips in and then you end with their wrapping station where you can pull off any bulbs that get stuck and clean up your tulips to take home. One little boy kept picking and telling his mom which ones were for Grandma, it was so sweet. Another little boy kept running up and down the rows until he finally lost a shoe and fell right into a Tulip bed. Good times to be had that’s for sure. There is certainly something about little ones running around on these tulip farms. These photo sessions are always memorable because it’s not something you can do very often, so it gives my families beautiful, colorful and unique treasures. If you've been thinking about one of these sessions, keep me in mind for next spring, you'll be happy you did. I normally start booking in March and fill up very quickly.

I just photographed a family of 6 and their little one was one of the babes I photographed as a newborn. They are a military family and they came to this area before their little girl was born. This was the first time they‘ve ever been to this side of the country. I am so amazed by their story and to hear about where they’re off to next. They homeschool their children because they’re never sure how long they’ll be in one place and to think about everything they have seen and experienced is just mind blowing. They literally travel the world and get to see life in many different locations, in many different ways. All wonderfully unique. They’d like me to photograph their family one more time before they’re off to their next destination mid summer and I am honored to be able to do that for them. Mom was telling me she always has professional photos done to document where they’ve been which is so fantastic. Even though I know I will most likely never see them again after they leave, I know through these photos I am part of their story and I know I will always remember having met them and had the pleasure of hearing all about their family.

Life is remarkable and when you take the time to listen and get to know people you not only learn, but feel like you get a bit of experience. I truly enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories. Where are they from, what do they want to share about their culture and nationalities.

I just photographed a family for the Lao New Year. It was actually on April 14, but their outfits were not ready, so we did their session a bit later than they were hoping, but again, this was something I got to learn about. These unique traditions and how they celebrate are so interesting. In Lao, they celebrate their new year for 3 days and many festivities go on during this time.

Spring brings me many families that are looking for outdoor sessions. I am very busy over this hot weekend and outdoor maternity sessions are also in full swing. I have just recently decided I wanted to get more into providing this service so I can capture my new moms in their last month of pregnancy into their first couple of weeks with their sweet, new baby. Speaking of, I have decided to also add Birth Photography to my list of services. I am in the beginning stages of that so I’ll be talking a lot about that very soon. I am in the planning stages with my first client and am over the moon excited.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather that is finally looking up after our winter, that always seems to drag no matter what year it is. Keep an eye out for my next blog post on Birth Photography and Maternity sessions

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