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1st Birthday & Milestone Sessions

Information & Pricing

Little girl on a baby bed with her pink and white lace dress on for 1st birthday photos. Pink and peach balloons with green and white floral hanging on the backdrop. Rhode Island

Here at Blooming Budds, I love love love celebrating 1st birthdays with my happy little clients. What a big year this has been for your baby. Probably the most exciting of his or her life. They went from being completely dependent on you to wanting to try to do things for themselves. They may be crawling now, or even walking. They're babbling more than ever and you're starting to see the little person that is emerging day by day. I come to your home with my full set-up. This can be set up in any room that works best, living room, kitchen, baby's room etc.  Sometimes around this age my little clients are beginning to develop some stranger curiosity, or even stranger anxiety or fear. I like to let them warm up to me a bit before we plop them down in the spotlight.  When I'm shooting I always have mom or dad sit right beside baby so they're not nervous and feel nice and comfortable. Depending on what baby is doing, we can have him stand against a little stool, sit in my favorite basket or on a little rocker. These sessions are completely baby led and we will get gorgeous photographs capturing your baby exactly as they are right now. I provide cakes as part of my sessions as well if you're looking to add the very popular cake smash as part of your package. These are always a great time, and all of my little client's parents get a kick out of watching their baby demolish or ever so gently pick at their cake. These sessions are fun and are usually about 45 minutes to an hour in length, with some of that time dedicated to just warming up to me. Once we get shooting these little ones have a short attention span, so I work nice and quick!

Little boy for his first birthday session in our mobile studio, Johnston RI. He's sitting on a prop bed reading a book. Grey wood floor and wall with blue and silver balloons

1st Birthday Session Fee

I come right to your living room with full set-up

Includes decorations to match your color/theme

Includes simple smash cake

Includes around 20 digital images

Baby boy 1st birthday
Birthday boy with ballon in basket
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