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Pregnancy Doula Support

With all the research, studies and talk out there about everything childbirth and raising infants, how do we know what is best for our family. How do we know if we're making the right decisions?


Having Doula support during pregnancy can be priceless. From the moment you get a positive pregnancy test and want to hire me, I am here for questions, concerns, encouragement and most of all, to help you realize that you will be a wonderful mother and you, together with your partner can make the decisions that are best for YOUR baby, after all, who is more qualified that you. 

Many parents navigating pregnancy have questions pertaining to products and the safety of them, how will life with a newborn look, am I in labor, and are these symptoms normal or should I be contacting my Obstetrician or Midwife

We will have 2 in person prenatal visits together and  during those times we can make a Birth Preference sheet that you can bring to your Dr and the hospital when you go in for delivery. We will also talk about what Early labor looks like and how it can be tricky to know if this is really it when it first starts. We'll go over the stages of labor and what to expect with each one from the onset of contractions until the delivery of the placenta.  We'll talk about everything in between and the options you'll have for yourself and for your baby.


What is included ?

Phone & text support throughout pregnancy

Creating a Birth Plan

2 in person prenatal visits together (we will go over everything from pain management, comfort measures, positions for labor, what to expect when baby is here and much more)


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