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Newborn Prep Guide

Welcome! I made this guide for my new moms and dads that have booked a session with me for their brand new little one and are now thinking, "Hmm, how is this going to go?" I don't want any of my clients to worry about a thing, from what should baby come dressed in, to should I feed him before or after. Take a deep breath, this is going to be a wonderful experience that you will forever treasure. I am going to give you some simple advice to prepare yourself and baby for their very first photo session and, with our studio coming to you, I know I am already easing a lot of your anxiety for this occasion 

  • When you contact me to book baby's photo session I will give you all of the information you need pertaining to the actual session, from what you get for your session fee to everything that is included with each package. I will answer any questions you have regarding props, posing and colors. If there is any questions or concerns that come to mind at any point leading up to your session I want you to feel comfortable reaching right out to me. I will be there the entire way, up until I deliver your final images and products, and beyond as well when you stay in touch through any of my social media pages or groups. 

  • I provide outfits, wraps and props for all of my sessions, but if you have a specially knitted hat, outfit or a blanket that was given to baby that you like to be included in the photos, please feel free to bring it with you as well as sending me a photo before hand. I know how much it means to extended family members to see a picture of their gorgeous grandchild, niece or nephew wearing something they hand made or gifted with love. 

  • My advice for you in terms of doing what we can to make sure baby is happy and sleepy for our session is to keep him/her awake for the hour and a half to two hours before our session, changing and then feeding right before. The closer baby is fed to our session time the better. If it doesn't work out this way, no worries, these guys certainly have a mind of their own already. We can stop to nurse/feed at any point that baby seems to be hungry. 

  • When we pull up to your home in our mobile studio, I will let you know when the temperature is just right and everything is set for baby. When you bring him/her out, have them dressed in the easiest to remove clothing that you have and if the weather is warm feel free to wrap baby in a blanket with just his diaper. Speaking of, I will always have diapers and wipes in the studio with my changing table if needed so unless baby uses something specific you don't have to worry about bringing your own out. I always stock either Huggies or Pampers. Mom and Dad are free to run into the house if there's anything you need during the session, like a pacifier or a drink for yourself, so no worries at all about making sure you get everything you need together for our start time, after all I want you to take advantage of all of the perks you get by having our studio come to you

  • While I'm taking photos, feel free to snap any with your cell phone that you'd like, I know this is such an exciting time in your lives that you want to hold on to for many years to come. I also love being tagged in or just receiving  any "behind the scenes photos" from my clients, they're usually so cool to see

  • If you're choosing a newborn package that includes photos with mom/dad/siblings these will be done at the end of the session normally. If there is someone that can stay in the house with big brother or sister while I'm getting baby's photos done that usually works best as the toddlers and preschool aged kiddos can get bored and be done with me before we even begin to photograph them, haha. If they will be out in the studio during baby's session just let me know before hand and I will make sure our dvd player is ready to go with something he/she will be interested in and I also have some books and a few toys as well. 

  • Feel free to bring whatever you'd like into the studio, a magazine to read, some coffee and a snack, whatever will make this experience a relaxing one for you. These sessions can take around 2 hours and sometimes a little longer if baby isn't having an easy time settling. I don't want you to feel stressed or nervous if this happens, I am very good with calming them and getting beautiful photos even if they give me a run for my money. I don't often have to reschedule a newborn, but if they are having a difficult time and seem truly uncomfortable we can have baby back in a different day. Sometimes those tummy troubles get the best of them and they just want to be cuddled up with mom and dad

  • Don't worry if baby's skin is dry or they're starting to break out, this is all completely normal and to be expected and will all be taken care of during editing.

  • If there is anything you think I need to know about baby please let me know when we are booking so I can make a note. Any hip issues and/or bone issues in general are most important as I would need to make sure to stay clear of any poses that would be a problem for him/her. Besides anything major, whatever you can think of that would help me while I'm working with your little bundle is very appreciated. 

  • Check out my work here on this site as well as my facebook page and let me know if you have any favorite or not so favorite poses and I can make sure we either capture them or skip. In general I try to give mom and dad a nice mix of wrapped and unwrapped poses

  • When you come into the studio you will be able to see some of my artwork that is displayed and check out our Gallery Wrap quality. I will also have things like, photo cubes, ornaments and greeting cards on display

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