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Virtual Doula Services

During the pandemic, virtual services became more important than ever. Since then, when life slowly started to resume to normal, many people decided that they would miss the option of being able to take advantage of the wonderful virtual world.  I know I love when I can take classes on zoom or meet up with clients, still getting what we need and connecting, but doing it from the comfort of home. For some, that in person connection is preferred, and being that we're all different and there is no right or wrong here, I wanted to offer something for everyone when it comes to providing the best care I can for new and expectant families.


Hourly Virtual Doula Services: $35 per hour/session 

These sessions are great if you're not looking for a Doula to attend your birth but you're looking for some extra help and guidance on pregnancy and labor related topics. You can book 1 session or multiple! 


  • Creating a Birth Plan together

  • Pain management during the 3rd Trimester and throughout Labor

  • What to expect in the 3rd Trimester and through each stage of labor & delivery

Labor Doula Support Virtually: $450

This alternative to my full Labor support is a great option if you're looking for all around Doula support through pregnancy and labor but don't feel like you need my physical presence. I am here for all of the phone support needed during pregnancy and I will be 100 percent available for live chats, texts or phone calls from you or your partner during your labor, as needed. I can help guide your partner on positions to try, soothing techniques, and am here with knowledge and support if something unexpected arises. 


  • 2 virtual/zoom prenatal visits (we will make a birth plan and discuss stages of labor & what to expect)

  • Unlimited phone support during pregnancy

  • Unlimited virtual support during labor with you and/or your partner

  • 1 virtual postpartum visit

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