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Doula Services 

Having a doula during childbirth can lessen time in labor and help to avoid interventions. Most importantly, studies show that women who have a doula are more satisfied with their birth experience.

Labor Doula Services

Labor Doula fee 

Out of Pocket $1150

This includes:

Phone support throughout pregnancy if needed

2 prenatal visits

Phone/text/facetime/zoom support during early labor

In person labor & delivery coverage

Up to 1 hour coverage following the birth

1 postpartum visit after getting home with baby

* Can add additional postpartum visits

Labor Doula fee 

Covered by Insurance

This includes:

Phone support throughout pregnancy if needed

3 prenatal visits

Phone/text/facetime/zoom support during early labor

In person labor & delivery coverage

Up to 1 hour coverage following the birth

2-3 postpartum visits after getting home with baby

A little bit about what having a Labor Doula looks like

The day you get to meet your baby is full of so many emotions from excitement to nervousness. For 9 months you carried him, warm and safe, you nourished him and talked to him about the world. You did everything you could do to prepare for this day. You attended a childbirth class, decided if you were going to breast or bottle feed, and did so much research on both. You hired your doula, you created your "birth plan" and got ready for the big day. 

Welcome to the world of Doulas! Where support, empowerment and compassion meet the miracle of childbirth. I am dedicated to providing support to parents throughout their pregnancy and birthing journey. Each experience is unique and personal, which is why I am committed to tailoring my services to meet the specific needs and wishes of each family I serve. 

From the moment we connect, I will be available to you by phone/text throughout pregnancy for any questions or concerns that may come up. During our prenatal visits together I believe in equipping parents with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions during labor and childbirth. We'll talk about things like pain management, the stages of labor, comfort techniques and many other topics. 

During labor, I am there to offer continuous emotional encouragement, physical comfort and to help you navigate each stage of the process. By empowering parents with information, resources and support, I aim to instill confidence and ensure you have a positive and informed birth experience. 

Once you are home with baby we will schedule our postpartum visits which can look a few different ways, depending on your needs. I provide practical assistance, which could be some household chores, meal prep, laundry and help with older siblings. We can talk about the birth and how you've been feeling since the big day. The weeks following baby's birth can be emotional and I am here to provide support and a listening ear. I can provide you information on infant sleep, postpartum recovery and self care, as well as connect you with other resources as needed. 

Do not currently have openings for Postpartum Doula shifts

Postpartum Doula Support

As your postpartum doula, I am also trained in infant care. I am here to help with latching, feeding, sibling support, household chores that need to be done, and meal prep. With everyone doting on the new arrival, wouldn't it nice to have someone to tend to you! We will talk about your birth experience, address any concerns you might have about your body and how your own healing process is going, and go over any questions you have on newborn care in general. You just grew a human being and birthed him and this bonding and healing time at home is important, so sweet, and goes by fast. 

Price $35 per hour (with a minimum of 2 hours per day) I can be hired to come once a week or multiple days a week. We will schedule around your family's needs. 

At this time I am not offering overnights

Additional Services

Pregnancy Support


This is a great choice if you know you have a good support system during labor & delivery but are looking for extra  advice, support & guidance throughout your pregnancy.   

Virtual Support

There is a couple of different ways that I offer remote Doula support. You can book 1 hour virtual appointments with me for $35/hour.

I also offer full virtual Labor Doula packages as well

Last minute Labor Support


There is no wrong time to decide that you'd like a Doula during the birth of your child

Birth Photography


When you first start thinking about wanting your birth photographed, I'm sure one of the first things to cross your mind is "how do I go about finding someone I'm comfortable with?"  When you reach out and you're thinking of hiring me to capture some of the absolute, most precious moments of your life, we can chat a little bit about some details but then we'll set up an appointment to meet in person or on a zoom chat and get to know each other a little bit. We can go over details big and small about what you are hoping to get in terms of the photos, where you're delivering etc. Your partner/labor coach is always encouraged to join these meetings as well. I want my clients and their family members to have a wonderful experience with me from the time we meet to when I deliver your final images. 

Once hired, I am officially on call for you from 2 weeks before your due date until baby is born. This means that I will not have any planned vacations or even day trips that take me too far out of the area during that time. You will have my phone number as well as a back up phone number and I can be called any time of day or night when baby is on their way. 

This is a beautiful life experience that I am honored to be a part of for all of the families I service. Pregnancy and birth are miracles and having a photographer present to catch your baby's first breath and cries, your partner looking on amazed and your face that shows so much love and relief that this little human you have been nurturing for 9 months has safely arrived. 

If you are hiring me as your Labor Doula as well, this service can be added on, and with a great discount

Birth Photography   $750

As an add on to my Labor Doula service $350

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